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Cookies: definition and function

What are cookies? Cookies are small text files that are downloaded onto your computer, tablet, mobile, or other device when you access our website or run our application. Cookies allow us to store and recover information regarding your browsing habits or the system you generally use to access our site anonymously. Depending on the information stored in your system, cookies allow us to know if you had previously signed in to our website, in order to recognize you as a user or customer.

The information which is collected is related to the number of pages you visit on this website, the language, the location from which you access, the number of new users who visit the site, frequency and repetition of visits, visit duration, and the browser or device that is used when visiting the website or running the application.

What type of cookies does this website use?

Blocking and deleting cookies

You can accept, block, or delete the cookies installed on your system by accessing your browser’s settings or your system’s privacy settings. If you do not allow cookies to be installed on your browser, some sections of our website might not be available to you.

You can find information on how to opt out, block, or delete cookies here:

First-party cookies

We use first-party cookies to store certain information on users, such as their origin, the key word that made us appear on Google, or other reference sources that help us improve the users’ experience on our site.

Cookie Name


Description of the cookie's purpose










Analyse and measure users' behaviour on the website in order to evaluate website usage.



Unique ID for the user’s active session.



Only downloaded when the user accepts the website's cookie policy and the cookie notification message won’t be displayed again.

Third-party cookies

When using our website, third-party cookies from the following providers are downloaded to your computer:

Provider name

Cookie name


Description of the cookie's purpose

For more information, go to:

Semantic Sugar


13 years

Display ads for our products and services on other websites or platforms after you have visited our site.



2 years

Display specific content to users depending on their browsing habits.

Zopim Technologies


1 year

Allow us to solve doubts and offer support to website users through our chat.




2 years

2 years

Identify users on Twitter. If you don’t have an account, it assigns you a unique code to track your visit so that you can be linked to your profile in the future.

Twitter cookie aimed at advertising.

Google ( .es /





1 month

1 day session

2 years

Analyse and measure uses’ behaviour on the page to evaluate how it is being used.


2 years

Customise the ads shown on Google services such as Google search.


Channel ID

2 years

Customise the ads shown on Google services such as Google search.

If you want more information on the use of cookies, you can write to us at: or visit our Privacy Policy.

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