IM will add interactive glossaries to its courses

Forget about mobile commerce and chatbots, the word for 2019 at IM is “interactive.”

Why are we saying this? Well, because we know our students prefer practical education, as well as being able to easily find all the resources they need to continue learning. Because of this, we’ve begun to add interactive glossaries to our different courses.

You won’t have to download anymore PDFs and scroll endlessly in order to review the main terms in the syllabus. By including interactive glossaries, students become active agents in their education.

In other words, students don’t just participate in learning, but also in how they learn. If a student prefers to download a PDF and read it as a full text, this will still be an option, as all courses will continue to be available in both formats: static PDF and interactive SCORM.

As has been the case up to now, the new glossaries will also be placed in the section “Additional materials” under the tab “Materials.” The glossary will open as a new tab, much like the SCORM materials do. Reading the glossaries isn’t compulsory; they will continue to serve as reference and additional support. What’s more, students will be able to suggest new concepts they believe should be added to the glossaries.

We will progressively incorporate the new interactive glossaries into the learning materials, beginning with the Technical Course in Web Technology, and slowly moving on to the rest of our courses, with special emphasis on technical courses with more extensive terminology. 

This new feature is just an example of the progressive changes you’ll see in the learning materials. We are aware that each student is different and not everyone learns the same way. Thus, at IM we work to adapt all materials to all types of “minds” using techniques such as storytelling, allegories, visual metaphors, simulations, gamification, etc.

What do you think about this change? What other new e-learning features would you like to see in IM courses? Leave us a comment and we’ll make a note of it!

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