Page Builders, the Solution for Demanding WordPress Bloggers

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You might have decided to create your own blog, or you might be thinking about creating one. And, as a good digital marketer, you’ll surely want to make the most of it and make it as attractive as possible for your followers, or perhaps even monetise it. However, when structuring your blog, you’ll often see … Leer más

4 Ways to Get Hundreds of Backlinks

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To improve our website’s SEO results, it’s important to get quality backlinks from high-ranking websites that, if possible, deal with topics that are related to our field. In inbound marketing, our strategy is focused on offering valuable content and, in this framework, there are several ways to organically acquire many backlinks.  Below, we’ll show you … Leer más

5 tricky questions you’ll be asked during a job interview

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1. Why are you interested in this position? What the interviewer wants to know: If you’re appropriate for the position. Moreover, this is a good moment to create a link with the company and express what motivates you for the position. Response strategy: Explain the 3 main reasonswhy you’re the best candidate: Prior experience related … Leer más

IM will add interactive glossaries to its courses

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Forget about mobile commerce and chatbots, the word for 2019 at IM is “interactive.” Why are we saying this? Well, because we know our students prefer practical education, as well as being able to easily find all the resources they need to continue learning. Because of this, we’ve begun to add interactive glossaries to our … Leer más

Wearables and their Integration into Mobile Marketing

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While reading this, more than one of you probably have a smartwatch on your wrist to control your WhatsApp messages, or perhaps you’re wearing AirPods that are linked to your mobile as you listen to your favourite podcast. Indeed, wearables are here to stay, and statistics prove so. A study performed by the International Data … Leer más