3 reasons to study Digital Marketing

In IM we strongly believe in one thing, there is a stage in our lives when we will need to sell something: a product, a service, an idea, or even ourselves as professionals to make employers hire us before anyone else. That’s why everyone needs to know at least a little bit of marketing, and in this era, it needs to be digital.
So for example, if you are a model and you are planning to stay in the spotlight for a while, you will need to become an influencer. Of course you could hire someone to do the job, but at least knowing the stuff to keep an eye on how things are being handled is always useful. Or if you have a small shop that is going pretty well and you want to expand the business, one of the most effective ways in to create an ecommerce. So you will need to figure out how to do so.
If we haven’t convinced you yet, here are 3 reasons why knowing digital marketing can make your life easier:

Live online wisely

As a user, it’s always useful to know which information we are consuming, where it comes from and which its purpose is. In an infoxicated world, it’s really hard to identify the information that really matters to us or when someone is trying to sell us something and what we are giving in exchange. So knowing the digital marketing tricks will help us move ourselves in a smart way through the internet and get the best information and best deals, only giving our data to who we really want to keep us informed.

Get your word out quicker

As we exemplified before, we all need to sell something. For example, if I’m a freelance journalist or photographer and I want the media to get to see my work, it is useless to send them hundreds of emails (which provably go straight to trash). It’s better to make them find us (using inbound marketing techniques), and want us for the quality of our content, all the engagement it is getting and how it creates debate. So we become the wanted part and not vice versa, and we can always get a better deal.

Become a digital marketer

Of course that would be the main reason. Why? Because it’s one of the careers with more demand of qualified professionals and this is just the beginning. The world is changing fast and the digital transformation is making us go faster and adapt ourselves to the new ecosystem. So being digital is not an option anymore. If you are both creative and strategic and analytical and clever, you will have many chances of succeeding in this career.

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