Why choosing online advertising vs printed media

It’s been a while since printed media lost its throne regarding advertising. But it’s not completely dead yet. Of course there are companies who still choose printed media to place its ads, probably because it’s a sign of prestige and gives the impression that will persist more in the readers’ minds. But the younger the company’s target is, the more it uses internet advertising to approach it.
There is a simple reason for that, young people are growing up with technology and they have their phone with them all the time and use it as their primary information source. It’s not very frequent to see teenagers or even people in their twenties buying newspapers, unless they are studying journalism. So of course internet is stealing all the investment companies do in advertising and so we are living a decrease of the number of printed publications.
The newspapers and most magazines have their online versions, apps, etc. And that has allowed them to survive and probably is where they get most of their income. And printed media is just for people over 40 and the nostalgic ones. So probably, just media who can afford it will keep the printed version to please this segment of the population.
The good thing about internet is that you have many options to place advertisement. From social media to affiliate marketing, sem, specialized blogs…you name it! And of course in most cases is cheaper. And the most important thing, you can measure the return of investment (ROI) so you know when it’s working and if you should invest more in this media or choose another one where leads which come from it are more likely to make a purchase on your site.
Just with social media you have plenty of options: retargeting, really accurate segmentation, impact the people who already follow you, timing, platform, device…it really never ends. That’s why it’s the present and the future of advertising which is moving fast towards personalization, and nothing allows that more than the internet.

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