Online reputation, new challenges for 2019

We all know the importance of preserving the reputation of our company on the Internet. At the end of the day, it’s probably where most people find about us or, at least, get a sense of what we are about. That’s why we try to take care of our online reputation as much as we can, responding to good and bad comments, trying to make people leave positive reviews, etc.
But every year gets more challenging to protect it, as new threats come along to put our reputation on the line. Today we want to analyze 3 challenges that we will need to face next year, to be prepared and use all of our resources to make our online reputation survive.
Confidential data leaking.
The best advice that we can give you is: be transparent. This year we have come across loads of data leaking from major companies which means that no one is safe. After Cambridge Analytica or WikyLeaks Leaks, we have to learn the lesson that, as less we have to hide, less vulnerable we will be against those who want to hurt our brand. Of course there is so much you can do, but also make sure you are using all the security resources at your companies’ reach.
Competitors’ trolling
This is not a fair fight; we all know that, especially regarding competitors. We’ve seen them bidding for our brand’s name on Google Ads or target our followers on Twitter Ads, so it’s not surprising that now that the decision making is based mostly in reviews, they are becoming “regular users” to try to destroy our good score by leaving bad (and false) reviews on Facebook, Google my business, etc.
This can be very damaging and extremely hard to resolve. But we need to hold our nerve and act wisely. Trying to find the best way to turn it around, uncover them or respond in the best way possible.
Sentiment analysis
Nowadays you can’t do without knowing what your customers think about you. If you want to be at the top of the game you need to know how to get and better analyze this data, as it will help you in many ways. Probably some of your more resourceful competitors have tools to measure it, which is giving them a lot of insight in how to improve their product, services and communications. So if you don’t want to be left behind, you really need to learn how to measure the sentiment about your brand.

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