Internacional de Marketing and a group of fortunate digital marketers will visit Google EMEA for third year in a row

On Friday 13th July, IM will open the doors of Google Dublin’s facilities to a group of 15 fortunate techies so they can explore what’s inside the internet giant and how Googlers work on a daily basis.
In this third edition, participants will travel to Dublin in the best season of the year to enjoy the unique chance of getting inside Google and chat with its employees gaining precious information, as well as enjoying all the amenities this European city has to offer during summertime.
Google EMEA are the headquarters from which the multinational manages its Europe, Middle East and Africa divisions and it awakes all kind of rumors as only a few have been able to explore them. It’s pictured as the workers’ paradise filled with a swimming pool, relaxing rooms, karaoke, gym, videogames, futuristic decor…all the privileges to make Googlers happy and keep them thinking outside the box all day long. The facilities are the result of an 800 million Euros investment to host around 7.000 people working in 7 different buildings in Ireland alone.

Visit’s Schedule:
The visitors and organizers plus members of Google will meet at the entrance of the headquarters to start the visit. Then they will walk along the three main buildings talking to the Google employees who will answer all their queries. In one of the buildings we will find the most eco-friendly side of Google: the ‘BE GREEN’ environment, going through the curious ‘APPINESS’, dedicated to Google Apps, the GYM, the huge swimming pool or, for example, @HOME, a space built to make you feel like home.
After that, there will be a mentoring session where personnel from Google will talk about what’s going on in the Googleshere and all the news and trends they are following, amongst other things. So those who attend to this trip will have privileged information to bring back home and implement new ideas in their companies, which will make a difference in work processes involving Google.
Afterwards, participants will be able to access fun areas and have lunch in the cafeteria which has a diverse food selection.
If you are interested in joining this trip with Internacional de Marketing, you can book your ticket to Google EMEA here.

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