How to use Inbound Marketing in your Digital Marketing plan

Inbound marketing it’s really easy to understand. Just picture a girl in a club, trying to make a guy join her for a drink. She is trying so hard with pick-up lines, jokes and claims that the guy is so fed up, he suddenly runs away and hides at the other side of the bar. Then he sees another girl, equal looking to the latter, she’s talking to a friend telling her amazing stories about her last trip to Japan, the guy gets interested immediately.
The girl notices it, and keeps on telling anecdotes about other trips and suddenly asks the guy if he has been anywhere lately. The guy is thrilled to be part of the conversation and engages instantly. He accepts the drink and enjoys the conversation with the girl, ends up giving her his number.
So it happens with inbound marketing, being the girl the company and the guy the target. We can see how is all about attraction, indirect persuasion and being at the right spot at the right time. Once we’ve understood the concept, let’s put it into practice.
These are the most common inbound marketing techniques you can use in your marketing mix:

Content Marketing:

This term means to create content (articles, videos, webinars, check lists, guides…etc.) in order to offer solutions to the problems or needs your target or buyer persona might have.

Search engine positioning:

Content (specially blog posts) must be optimized for SEO so they can rank on the serp. To achieve that, you have to do a keywords research and know the language of your target and how do they search for your products and services.

Email Marketing:

If you have a good database, you have to keep them informed, as they are the most likely to make a purchase, as they’ve shown interest before. You can send them monthly newsletters with content of their interest plus content of your interest. It’s not as invasive as sending emails just with offers, no one will remain in your database for long.

Social Media:

They are one of the main channels where you can interact with your costumers. Through social media you can be at your clients’ disposition at any time and resolve their problems.

Q&A Community

A great part of inbound marketing is to become a reference in your field. For that you can participate in experts’ communities and be the one who leads the conversation.

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