4 Ways to Get Hundreds of Backlinks

To improve our website’s SEO results, it’s important to get quality backlinks from high-ranking websites that, if possible, deal with topics that are related to our field. In inbound marketing, our strategy is focused on offering valuable content and, in this framework, there are several ways to organically acquire many backlinks. 

Below, we’ll show you four strategies that will help you get backlinks:


Have you ever shared or mentioned a link to a web article you thought was interesting? For example, an article that explained how to do something, that helped you solve a doubt, or taught you something new?

This is linkbaiting. You should always strive to create quality content such as tutorials on what you know, and you should ensure that what you explain is well-structured and pleasant for readers. Remember to use plenty of infographics, as they will help boost your linkbaiting even more.

Link Roundup

An example of link roundup is a post that includes a curated selection of links to high-quality external articles. For example, imagine that you write an article on the five best techniques to get links and, for each technique, you include a link to related content from a blog that belongs to a marketing expert. By doing this, you’ll be performing link roundup.

If you create quality content and focus on link roundup, you can then encourage other high-authority websites in the field to include links to your articles in their own posts.

Guest Blogging

Another good strategy to get links is to collaborate with other blogs that interest you. This collaboration consists in creating expert quality content specifically for those other blogs. It’s as if you were a journalist and wrote for a newspaper.

Most blogs that professionally work on their SEO are very open to including quality third-party content, as it greatly helps their editorial strategy. Of course, this relationship must first be established, so, above all, others must see you as a quality reference in your field in order to consider publishing your work.


You’ve surely experienced this: you’re looking for in-depth information on a specific topic and you find several articles that are interesting but only explain part of the information. So, you end up browsing different blogs until, after reading maybe 5 or 6 articles, you can compile all the information you’ve gathered and see the full picture.

Now imagine that you contact those 5 or 6 bloggers and you let them know you have an incredible article that adds a considerable amount of information to their post. Imagine you offer them the possibility of including a link to your own blog so their readers can learn more. 

Of course, you must ask them kindly and the bloggers must see you as an expert in the field, so the way you approach them is very important. This is the skyscraper technique. Interesting, isn’t it?

We hope these four ways of acquiring backlinks will help you improve your search engine positioning. As always, if you work with original and high-quality content, your blog will have added value, your linkbuilding will be natural, and Google will improve your visibility in its search results.

Author: Pedro Mellinas, Digital Marketing Area Director

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